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TED Courses

I was brought on as a community consultant to help launch TED's new online Courses initiative. I worked closely with the design team and TED speakers to create and facilitate meaningful online experiences for thousands of users going through major transitions  Courses include "How to master life transitions" (Bruce Feiler), "How to reimagine your career" (Manoush Zomorodi), "How to connect in a divided world" (Dylan Marron), "How to be your best adult self" (Julie Lythcott-Haims). 

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George Lucas Educational Foundation

As. Director of Programming and Innovation, I was responsible for developing and managing the daily content calendar I managed a team of 18 staff writers, as well as hundreds of guest writers who shared their experiences and best practices from the front lines of k-12 education. I created and produced several summer online "boot camps" including Project Based Learning, Tech Integration, and Design Thinking (in partnership with Ideo and Riverdale Country School.) 

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I was brought on as a consultant to create and execute on a content marketing strategy for this popular education brand. 

I worked with a small team of wonderful writers to create meaningful, actionable content for K-5 learners that could be used by both educators and parents who were supporting their children through the pandemic. 

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As Senior Editor and Director of Community, I oversaw a vast community of 1 MM listeners and 20K broadcasters who were pioneers in early web streaming. I wrote and published two weekly email newsletters a week, and created the musical taxonomy, much of which is still in used today.  To keep Live365 from being priced out by stratospheric royalty rates, I rallied our audience to reach out to Congress to support the Small Webcasters Settlement Act, which was passed in 2002. 

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