I help people
design personalized rituals and rites of passage
to navigate through the unknown 
with clarity and focus.

Self-designed graduation: Free consultations

I'm offering a free 30-minute consultation to schools, parents, and seniors who want to design a personally meaningful graduation ceremony. I have developed a framework for a ritual called "Release and Commit" that helps students create closure around their past, identify a personal strength, and a future goal or aspiration on which they will apply that strength. 


Release and Commit can be integrated with ELA, drama, music, visual art, or even game design, and draws on evidence-based practices from social and emotional learning, positive psychology, and mindfulness.

I recommend that the process be spread over 3 1-hour sessions, but it can also be done on a weekend afternoon; there is very little preparation needed. Students can go through the program alone or co-create a ritual with a trusted friend. A Release and Commit ceremony can be enacted in conjunction with school ceremonies or done on their own.

Please reach out if you're interested! I'd love to help you brainstorm some ideas to help create a meaningful graduation experience for your students.


Why rituals, you ask?  


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