I use design thinking to co-create customized rituals with individuals and organizations in major transitions.  

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We are excited to offer a workshop for creating a meaningful rite of passage to mark any major life transition. 

Hi! I am Betty, and I am a ritual designer.  

Ritual is an archetypal human practice that helps us navigate complex change, both as individuals and in community. In my graduate work at the Spirituality Mind Body Institute at Teachers College, Columbia University and as a 2020 Mira Fellow, I developed a five-step program that combines contemporary evidence-based wellness practices with archetypal ritual structures. 

Using this program as a basis, I work with clients to co-create meaningful rituals for all kinds of life transitions, including:

  • Job change

  • Divorce

  • Grief

  • Midlife

  • Empty nest

  • Coming of age for youth

We welcome any and all inquiries. Please email us at CenterForRitualDesign AT gmail DOT com for a free consultation. 

Talks and Presentations for Your Event
Creating Meaningful Rituals for Life Transitions

Humans have created ritual to manage life's unending stream of challenges since the stone age. Today, neuroscience tells us what our ancestors knew all along: Rituals can be designed to catalyze a temporary state of ego dissolution, which frees the mind up from conscious thought and offers  new insights, intuitions, and creativity that can be applied to our daily lives. Betty researched and developed this work via the Mira Fellowship.

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How to Help Young People Transition to Adulthood

Our kids are entering a future that looks nothing like the present. In this talk, Betty shares a contemporary coming of age program that combines what we know from the educational and psychology research with traditional rites of passage to create a contemporary non-denominational and student-centered initiatory experience for young people. (See more about this approach in Betty's article on the Greater Good Science Center)


Why rituals, you ask?  


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