I help people
design personalized rituals and rites of passage
to navigate through the unknown 
with clarity and focus.

FREE ONLINE WORKSHOP • Sept 16-Oct 21, 2020 

Now What? Creating Rituals to Build Resilience in Extraordinary Times 

So, let's see. Global pandemic, civil unrest, endless political shenanigans, economic uncertainty, wildfires, hurricanes, and other extreme climate events.  It is becoming increasingly hard to stay grounded and openhearted -- let alone proactive in working towards safety, justice, and sustainability.

The good news is that we humans are good at surviving uncertainty and chaos, and have come up with some practical and time-tested ways of dealing with it. 


I’m speaking, of course, about the practice of ritual. Neuroscientists now know that rituals “trick” the brain into feeling a sense of calm -- even when it’s in chaos. Throughout history and across geographical locations, our ancestors created rituals for good reasons like:


  • maintaining order and stability

  • strengthening community bonds

  • marking transitions

  • processing complex emotions


All of these benefits strengthen our parasympathetic nervous system and facilitate a stronger sense of inner peace and resilience.   


This 6-week workshop is for anyone who is feeling challenged by the current state of the world and/or is going through a significant personal transition -- or both. You will create two personal rituals: a simple daily practice to help boost your sense of well-being, and a more in-depth practice to support you in navigating a significant life transition. 

Wednesdays September 16-October 21

5-6:15p Pacific (8-9:15p Eastern)

No class on Wed Oct 14; you will be doing your ritual this week!

Cost: FREE! 

Register below for Zoom link and/or to ask any questions. We hope to see you soon!

Why rituals, you ask?  



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