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NEW ONLINE WORKSHOP • Saturday, November 14 • $20.20

Designing New (and COVID-Safe) Holiday Rituals

The holidays are sure to be dramatically different in 2020. With less travel, fewer gatherings, and continued quarantines, we will have to get creative about how and with whom we spend the holidays. 

The good news is that this disruption gives us the opportunity to rethink our holiday rituals and traditions, and be intentional about creating new ones. There are plenty of traditions we do “because we’ve always done it that way.” But are they really serving you, or your loved ones? Or the Earth? What if there are some better ways to celebrate?                                          


In this hour-long workshop, Center for Ritual Design founder Betty Ray will lead you through an interactive process of creating a ritual that is both feasible and meaningful for your holiday celebrations. 


In this hour-long online workshop, you will go through an interactive process of designing a new ritual for your holiday celebration. 


November 14, 2020

10 AM (Pacific)

via Zoom

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Why rituals, you ask?  



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