I can help you navigate major life transitions 
 with clarity and purpose 
 using personalized rituals and rites of passage.


Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal.  And after the long dark night of the past year, most of us are bursting at the seams to get back to some sort of normal.

But this is a unique year with a unique set of opportunities to create a more meaningful, just, and sustainable world. Check out these ideas for how you might be able to release the toxicity of the past year and cultivate more positive goals and intentions. 

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Talks and Presentations for Your Event
Creating Meaningful Rituals for Life Transitions

Humans have created ritual to manage life's unending stream of challenges since the stone age. Today, neuroscience tells us what our ancestors knew all along: Rituals can be designed to catalyze a temporary state of ego dissolution, which frees the mind up from conscious thought and offers  new insights, intuitions, and creativity that can be applied to our daily lives. Betty researched and developed this work via the Mira Fellowship.

How to Help Young People Transition to Adulthood

Our kids are entering a future that looks nothing like the present. In this talk, Betty shares a contemporary coming of age program that combines what we know from the educational and psychology research with traditional rites of passage to create a contemporary non-denominational and student-centered initiatory experience for young people. (See more about this approach in Betty's article on the Greater Good Science Center)

Ritual Design Coaching

Betty offers coaching services to help individuals or groups design meaningful rituals for a variety of transitions including:

  • Coming of age for youth

  • Divorce

  • Moving

  • Empty Nest

  • Grief

  • Midlife

Please email CenterForRitualDesign AT gmail DOT com.

Why rituals, you ask?  



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